Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi from Seoul

I'm now in Seoul. How wonderful I still can do blogging in poor English here. Anyway, I'm doing well. The weather is okay. No rain, and no sunny. Of couse the temperture is lower than in Hong Kong. Besides, people here is very nice. They helped me a lot indeed; however, I couldn't find a nice place to have my first Korean meal here.

Last night, I found some restaurants already, and tried to go in. When the staff heard that I was coming alone, also said that it's impossible for me to finish a set which was around HKD135.00. Their tone liked that "you was not welcomed to have meal here". And then I asked them how could I found a place to have tradional food near around in alone. They tried to describe althouh I could not find it lastly. So pity.

I walked around and around to find any possible restaurant. And I found one at last. It was McDonald's. Haha, funny indeed. Actually it's not cheap, too. A shrimp burger set was around HKD36.00. When I had the burger, I thanked the Lord so much. Because at least I was happy in such experience.


堅仔 said...

What were you doign there??

Amanda said...

Travelling lor.

May Ng said...

Amanda : 玩成點呀 ? 期待你返黎呀 ? I Miss You !!!

ViB Unlimited said...