Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thousand Mountains I Go Alone


Ah~~  呀~
Ocean wash my heart and chest  湖海洗我胸襟
Mountains follow my shadow  河山飄我影蹤
Colour clouds want to go don't go  雲彩揮去卻不去
Win a body clean wind  贏得一身清風
The dust never touch my heart  塵不沾上心間
Emotion never to my soul  情牽不到此心中
Come and go being comfortable  來得安去也寫意
Never say life is painful  人生休說苦痛
Easy come and easy go  聚散匆匆莫牽掛
Don't remember the problem hero made  未記風波中英雄勇
Let the big name pass it away  就讓浮名輕拋劍外
Thousand mountains I go alone  千山我獨行不必相送
Ah~~ Ah~~ Mountain I go alone  呀~ 獨行不必相送

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