Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ms Cheung

I met Ms Cheung, my English teacher, at school today when she was going to do the class visit and observation with a student teacher here. She teaches English in CUHK now.

I'm happy to see her again since the Diocesan Youth Day 2008. After we said hi to each other, then she asked me to join a workshop about spelling by a professor from New Zealand. I was surprised at the invitation. Well, it's interesting; however I have a date on Friday. So I cannot join it.

When I was back to work, I made a deep thinking. On the one hand, I'm so lucky to have such great teacher. Although I've already left school many years ago, she still likes to guide me to learn English. On the other hand, I have to be shameful. I'm obviously not a good student. I was not industrious in learning English on my past.

As a poor student against the achievement and effort of a good teacher, what a bad example is in education. I'm so sorry to you, Ms Cheung.

I've told the story to SM. She said the reason of my teacher inviting me to the workshop because she still remember my spelling was so so poor. @@

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