Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I know

Dear God,

I know, I know.
Every time you answer me or comfort me. 
Yes, I know. 
Even in this song they sang. 
In my heart, I know. 
Always I know. 

Let the doubters doubt
'cause, God, I found you out

Every time I count the stars in the sky, I know
Or watch a single cloud sail lazily by, I know
Who else could make the Grand Canyon, oh, so grand
Or fill a seashore up with tiny grains of sand
Or make the feeling that I get from holding your hand, I know

Every time I catch the sunrise at dawn, I know
Or see an ugly duckling change to a swan, I know
Who else could help the bald eagle fly so high
Or let my spirits soar when eating apple pie
Or make a better world with just a butterfly?
I know, I know

Every time I see a tree standing tall, I know
Or when maple leaves change colour in fall, I know
I have so many questions to ask of you
Your answer every one in everything you do

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