Sunday, November 02, 2014

Why do we do what we do?

Hey Mr. Postman, what do you do?
When nobody writes with pencil and paper no more
Hey Mr. Doctor, what do you do?
Mama always told me to grow up to be like you
Hey Mr. Lawyer, what about you?
Do you fight for justice and the absolute truth?
And hey Mr. Banker , I know what to do
The thief told me he stole all his tricks from you
Hey Mr. Policeman, what happened to you?
Where is the hero of our city that we used to know
Hey you Politican, you are actors this we knew
But even actors do their research down in the neighborhood
Why do we what we do?
Why do we do what we do?
Some work for Money and some never knew
Why do we do what we do?

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